Starting a business in Austin Texas require lot of stress and hard work.  There are number of business an individual can start. He is required to make thorough planning before starting a business. Tourists use hired car for attending wedding and evening parties, visit the places in Austin Texas. Individual can start limo Austin Company by purchasing cars and renting to the tourists for their nominal rent. Austin is known for its tourist spot with good shopping’s malls, bar and restaurants, evening hangouts and visit tourist spots. These cars help the tourist as well as locals in the traveling without hassle and difficulties. To start a limo service Austin the company has to be registered and follow a set of rules and regulation of Austin city.

  1. Register the company in Travis county clerk office if the business of sole ownership or register with the Texas Secretary of state office if forming a limited liability. Apply for Employee identification number through internal revenue service for use on business documents
  2.  If you are residents of Texas for more than 3 years, then obtain criminal driver background report from Texas Department of Public Safety where you reside. Visit Austin Transportation Department website to download permit application.
  3. Lease or purchase luxury cars for transportation business. Lease parking space in a garage when the car is not in use by the customers. Purchase insurance policy on these cars against theft, fire and natural risks against damage due to accidents, flood, rain and storm.
  4. Advertise your limo business through online and offline marketing techniques. Create a website for the business by providing all details of the services provided, days of operation, and rent of the vehicle per day. Join with small business concerns such as photographers, wedding planners, boutique owners, restaurant owners to expand your business.
  5. Hite limo driver with chauffeur permit to operate hired cars. These drivers have to posse’s clean driving record and posse’s excellent communication and customer satisfaction skills. Maintain mileage register for each driver and request the driver to enter the reading number from the beginning and ending mileage of per day for tax purposes and providing wages for the drivers.
  6. Create a package for tourists of visiting different places in particular days along with boarding and loading and food arrangements.


  1. Request for driver to purchase surety bonds in case of accidents and lawsuits providing additional coverage risk.

The services of the transportation company are outstanding and good quality service to customers. Running a Limousine Austin company is not cheap and rates on the vehicles per day are affordable. They are proud to provide clean, well maintained, licensed and permitted vehicle to customers. They register their company in Austin chamber of commerce. The rent of the vehicle depends on the some of the conditions like:

  • Festive seasons and other seasons of the year
  • Rent depend upon the type and size of the vehicle, additional facility like AC facility and other maintenance charges like repair of the vehicle, replacing the spare parts and regular servicing of the vehicle for long run.
  • Cost the weekends cost more than the week days.
  • If the vehicle travelled for long distance the cost increases with distance per day

Many vehicles don’t go for hourly basis, since the preparation and clean up takes for the vehicle take minimum 2-3 hours before usage. This increases cost or rent of the vehicle. They work on hourly basis only on spring season, as the demand is more in this season. The user has to take for a minimum of 3 hours. In addition to the rent, the vehicle owners charge gratuity of 15-20%. , limousines Austin earn extra amount through these gratuity by provide high quality service. The travelers or tourists have to reservation of the vehicle well in advance for travelling. They have to fill the form and submit to the, limousine Austin. The popular service of these vehicles is:

  • Airport services: customer will ensure that you get to and from the airport in ease and comfort. Our assistants will meet your requirement with courtesy, and carry your luggage from the airport, pick you up from the airport and get to airport without any difficulty and good facility.
  • Wedding day service: if it is wedding day celebration, then our assistants will decorate the vehicle in elegant style to make the couple spent memorable movements throughout the travel.
  • Weekend’s service: If the family wants vehicle for refreshing on weekends, they can enjoy the ride with your friends, family members, colleagues. They can visit the tourist’s spots and enjoy good cuisine in luxury hotels.
  • There are vehicles which provide more comfortable to children and elders citizen during course of travel.

Every limousine Austin should obtain BBB accreditation to maintain its standard service. The company under BBB accreditation should provide faith to solve consumer complaints. The companies have to pay the fee to BBB for monitoring and providing good quality services to tourist and public. BBB ratings are based on 16 factors. There should no complaints from customer to rating companies. Tourists can reserve these vehicles through online filling forms and submit before they arrive at place. This helps the travelers from stress of finding vehicles while moving from the airport. These companies also provide tourists by shifting them to good restaurant for refreshing themselves with good food cuisine and beverages. A good limo Austin Company provides service with good hangouts to visitors with luxury vehicles to move to best tourist’s spots. They enjoy their ride with luxury and spacious vehicle with comfort and would drive them crazy to visit the place for again during vacations. These companies also provide guide for visiting various historical places. These guide provide details of the places and answer every queries of the travelers in the languages they are comfortable. These guides speak in many languages which make the tourists understand and communicate with more ease and comfort. They are friendly in natures and provide accurate information of the tourist spots. There are video library which educates the travelers before a problem arise to relieve them from tension and stress to solve them. They educate the consumers of their right and law protecting them against law suit. They provide travel guidelines which provide details of the purchasing of articles with good quality from standard shopping. These malls provide items of guaranteed quality and good service to the visitors. Customers are not cheated by these shop owners for greed of sales. If any incident happens, they can file a case against these shop owners in the consumer court for justice. Traveler’s safety is provided by limo Austin Company at any point of their stay in Austin. The customer safety is main motto of these companies. This help to regain their customers with pride and honesty. The staff is well disciplined and honest workers. They are well mannered and soft spoken tech who helps the customer without any inhibitions. The travelers either have their own drivers or hire driver from limo Austin Company. These drivers have high quality driving experience in long distance drive. They are friendly in nature and speak different languages. This helps the consumers to communicate comfortably. They listen to the traveler needs and help them in taking breaks or refreshments during long distance drive. They give importance to safety of the travelers and providing special attentions to senior citizen and children. They arrange for any kind of medical aid during ill health of the travelers. They try their best to solve the problems of the clients with great energy and vigor.

Austin has facility of good guest houses for family members. They provide good luxury room which spacious with all comfort of staying in them. They provide with good bathing facility and good refreshments and beverages.

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